Wednesday, April 18, 2007

K2 at the Jungle Theater

Last night Phillip and I went to the Jungle Theater and saw K2. It was terrible. As you can see, the set was pretty rad, but the play was just craptacular. 15 minutes into it, I couldn't wait til it was over. Phillip agreed. I didn't find the characters to be believable and I don't think they had any depth at all. You hardly know anything about the Taylor character, and we know too much about Harold. I'm also sure they shocked all the blue hair'd folks there with all the F-bombs they dropped. The story really didn't go anywhere, either. It was boring. Although the ending can be interpreted two ways. For those optimists in the crowd (like Phillip), the ending was a happy one. For the pessimists (like me), it was a bitter, unhappy ending. Phillip was convinced that they both live; I was convinced that they both froze to death. But either way, the play was awful. Thankfully we only paid $12 for the tickets.

Avoid this play like the plague.

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