Friday, June 01, 2007

Some Thoughts

1) Why isn't the media mentioning the health and/or wellness of the
dude's fiance? You know, the dude who spread a deadly strain of TB to
god knows how many people? Why isn't anyone talking to the woman he
married? What's up with that? He said that he went on his honeymoon,
so he has to be married, right? If anyone has the virus, it's HER!
This makes me mad.

2) Why did ET light and film Joy Nash so horribly last night? If you
don't know who she is, google "fat rant" and you'll find her. Anyhoo,
they did a piece on her last night and the woman interviewing her was
lit beautifully, but Joy was cast in shadows and she was out of focus
at times. WTF? They are doing a piece on fat acceptance, but they make
the fat girl look horrible! I don't know why this surprises me,
actually. Pathetic.

3) Something smells bad. IT'S ME! I'm wearing clothes I line dried in
the basement. So my shirt and pants smell old and musty. It's gross. I
hope no one else can smell it. It's embarrassing.

4) I'm wearing my new Earth shoes that I scored on eBay for $25. They hurt. Bad.

5) I'm pale. But I don't care enough about a tan to do anything about
it. Plus, I don't want skin cancer.

6) I'm ridiculously obsessed with LOST. I can't wait to get home and
watch another episode. It's easily my favorite show, next to The
Office (UK) and Twin Peaks.

7) My last day here is supposed to be next Friday. I'm waiting for the
call to ask me to stay ANOTHER month. I won't turn it down because
it's a paycheck.

8) I love cheese topped bagels, even though they smell like dirty feet.

9) I'm going to try to work at a catering company. If any of you have
an IN, let me know.

10) I'm STILL using the same pen!!

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