Saturday, July 14, 2007

Look What I Made!

I'm no longer feeling shitty. In fact, I'm feeling super creative. SO creative, in fact, that I completed a few new jewelry pieces over the last two days. Here's my funky, chunky black, pink, and white bracelet that I totally love. It's been in the making since last summer. I bought all the supplies but never got around to it. But now it's finished and I love it. It's for sale on in my etsy store.

Hand Made Chunky Bracelet

Hand Made Chunky Bracelet

And here is a funky pair of dangle earrings that I made out of a few of the thousands of die beads I have. I bought them last year and used only a couple. I think these earrings are so awesome because all the colors look great together. They are also for sale in my etsy store.

Dice Cluster Earrings

And I made these retro fried egg earrings. They are cool, but I have another idea for a future pair that should turn out better.

Fried Egg Earrings

So that's what I've been doing with my time over the past few days. That's in between searcing for a job, doing laundry, cleaning the house, baking, and playing with Lola. I bought new bedding for our bed at Target yesterday, so those are going on the bed in about an hour. The colors are brown and pink - an awesome combination. Phillip even said he likes them! That was a surprise, for sure.

Happy weekend, everyone.


cat said...

First off, I am thrilled you are feeling better! Being shitty is never good or fun.

Second, love the new jewelery! If I had the $ I would buy the black and pink bracelet! I am going to add it to my want to buy when I get some money list. You are so talented!

Third new sheets rock! I love them!

Did you get my e-mail with the Jackson (Jax) pic's that I sent you awhile back? Jax is all well now, and back to a usual kitty, getting into trouble etc! YEAH!

Honey Bunny said...

hi cat!
i'm glad you like the new jewelry. i just wish more people did so i could start selling them! i need money!

and yes, i got the photos of your adorable kitty. i'm sorry i didn't write back. i was about to and then got sidetracked and then forgot. i'm sorry! but i'm glad that jax is better!