Sunday, August 19, 2007

Total Nostalgia Sunday

Recently my love/hate for Myspace has changed. If you remember correctly, I once wrote about how I hated the Myspace and pretty much everyone on it. Well, I have a new outlook since I connected with my oldest friend through there last week.

I really can't tell you what sparked me searching for him. I'd searched many times for him since 2005 but came up short. I had a dream about this friend a few weeks prior and it was so absurd that I think that's what made me go looking for him. With gusto.

Anyway, long story short, I found him. And the best part was that he said he was searching for me, too. That was a very nice thing to hear.

So we've been emailing back and forth and trying to catch up on 15+ years. I haven't seen him since his high school graduation. It seriously feels like an eternity. Even with all the technology at our disposal, it doesn't seem like we can send email fast enough. Or maybe it's just me and my horrible impatience. Yeah, that's it. I want instant gratification, dammit!

As all my dear readers know, there are some things I will write about on my blog, and other things I keep out. Since I'm sure he reads this (hi there!) I won't get into details about our conversations since it's between the two of us. But we did touch on the subject of music and a rush of memories came flooding back. Isn't that strange? Like entire chunks of your life can be re-visited just by hearing a few notes of a song?

That's one thing about the brain that amazes me.

Anyway, I started scrolling through Youtube and came across a bunch of Hall and Oates videos. I was pretty obsessed with them as a kid. In fact, my 10th birthday party in '85 was all about the Hall and the Oates. I had a bunch of my girl friends come over and we watched this video collection over and over again. My Mom rented it for me, along with some other movie that I cannot remember right now. The only important thing was that I got to watch these videos.

The only other time I was able to see the videos was if I stayed up to watch Friday Night Videos. For you kids out there, that was the MTV for people like me who didn't have cable. My mom would tape that show for me and Saturday morning I'd watch all the videos while eating cereal and fighting with my siblings. Fun.

My mom had almost all their albums and I would take them and play them in my room. This was before I was able to record the LP onto a cassette tape and take it to school with me. So I'd listen to the records over and over while I was supposed to be either 1) doing homework or 2) sleeping. Good times.

I told my friend Brandee about how I totally loved the Hall and Oates when I was a kid and she admitted she loved them, too. Oh no...there goes our street cred.

This evening I spent time downloading most of their music so I can rock out to it on my Zen tomorrow morning on the way to work. I'm not embarrassed to admit I love the Hall and Oates. They play an important part of my childhood-the good part-so I'd like to hold onto those memories for as long as I can.

Here's a video for you. Incidentally, my sister used to think the song "I Can't Go For That" was called "I Cut Coconuts". HAHA!


Michelle said...

I had a similar experience with Myspace. That's so cool that you found your childhood bestfriend. I forgot all about Friday Night Videos! I loved that show! My best friend (the one I found on Myspace) and I would watch that everytime we had a sleepover. I like Hall and Oates, too. Although, I am not as big a fan as you are. :)

Honey Bunny said...

yes, it's very cool that i found him. but it's also torture, too. it's like i want to talk to him all day and all night and, well, that's just not possible. so i'll take the email correspondence with open arms.

i also found a friend that i went to college with. both of us lasted only a year at that school, but we remained friends. i haven't seen HIM in 10 years and it's so good to be able to talk to him again as well.

hall & oates are totally boss. that's all i've got to say about that. :)