Saturday, October 13, 2007

Interpol at the State Theater


Last night we saw Interpol at the State Theater. As much as I love and adore Interpol, I was not very impressed with the show. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it was at the State Theater and you had to sit down during the show. Plus, we were in the balcony. I have to say, though, that the seats weren't that bad. People mostly stayed in their seats until the encore. Then we stood up and moved so we could see a little better.

Anyway, the show was disappointing. The sound wasn't that great and there were too many blinding back lights so you couldn't even see the band for most of the show. Plus, it seemed like the show was too short. They went on after 9 and played the encore at 10. Now maybe I'm showing my age here, but for $35 a ticket, I'd like to hear a show last more than 75 minutes. Here's the only good photo I got, and I'm zoomed all the way in:

It was great to hear a lot of songs from their first album, but man, the vocal levels could have been a LOT better. Oh well. I was just hoping it would have made it to my Top 5 Concerts of All Time. It might not even make it to my top 10.

In other music related news, I downloaded the new Radiohead album from their website. If you don't know about this, you should. Radiohead is offering their newest album for d/l on their website, for whatever price you want to pay. I paid $0, not because I'm cheap or an asshole, but because once the actual CD is released in the stores I will buy it there. Bands that I absolutely love I will pay $10+ for the CD, and that is what I'll do in this case. I think it's pretty rad, though, that I can listen to the entire album for free before I buy it. More bands should do that.


Chris said...

I have to agree, the show was kind of a let down

Michelle said...

I agree the show was sort of on the short side. The backlights almost gave me a seizure! I am so excited for the new Radiohead album. I'll have to go buy it online.