Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week/ Weekend Roundup

This weekend has been pretty crappy. Crappy in the respect that I can hardly breathe. The pills I'm on for my High Blood Pressure have an awful side effect that makes you cough all the time. A deep, barking, painful cough. So when I cough a lot, I end up wheezing and not being able to breathe. I woke up at 4am today coughing like crazy. I even hacked up some blood. It was painful and I thought about going to the ER. But I did some relaxation exercises and tried to focus on my breath for about 2 hours. I don't feel 100% better, but at least I can walk from the kitchen to the living room without keeling over. The problem is that I reach for my rescue inhaler every hour. I'm only supposed to take it every 4 hours at the most. So I've had to deal with watching the clock until I can take another puff. Not fun.

On Thursday, Phillip's Aunt and Uncle picked us up and took us to Tryg's for dinner. It was awesome. I had the scallop salad, loaded baked potato, part of Carol's Walleye, and cheesecake. It was delicious. It's also the first time I haven't been able to finish dessert! Also, I haven't had a baked potato that good in YEARS. The decor of the restaurant is gorgeous as well. It's all in deep reds and browns and purple colors. They had a fire going in the huge fireplace as you walk into the restaurant, which made it feel pretty cozy. The hostesses and wait staff were super friendly and accommodating. And one of the chefs came to our table, introduced himself, and asked how our meals were. I thought that was pretty awesome. I hope to go back there sometime if our budget allows it. It's great food and great atmosphere. It would make a great first date place because it's kind of romantical. heh.

On Friday I got the call that I've been waiting for for about a month now. I finally got a job. It's not a permanent job, which kind of sucks, but it has the potential to turn into something perm. It's downtown, which means that my 1 hour commute to Golden Valley will end in three days (hallelujah!). I'll be making slightly more than I am right now and I'll be working in a place that has the potential to make me VERY happy. It's great timing, too, since my temp job ends this Friday. I hope this one works out. I need job stability, for sure.

THE RED SOX WON! They won on Saturday which means that they MUST WIN TONIGHT! I'll be watching the game intently to make sure the Sox win and head to the World Series. Seriously, I'm so overjoyed about this I can't hardly stand it. HA!

And just for laughs...

Ok, quite possibly the BEST parody I've seen in a very long time. If you aren't familiar with Kelly or the Shoes video, google it before you watch this one.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed those few hours of sun we had. I hope it comes out again this week. I like the rain, but man, I'm sick of it.

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