Monday, November 19, 2007

Work and Stuff

I just worked a 10.5 hour day. I'll be doing the same tomorrow and on Wednesday. Due to the fact that this is a short week and I don't get paid for the holiday, I really need to get in as many hours as I can.

But I don't want to get sick from it. I'm already feeling run-down and my throat is sore. Blah. It better just be a case of the hypochondrias. Let's hope.

In other news, I'm selling more and more on my cafepress store. It's amazing. I went from absolutely zero interest in my site to a ton of traffic. Looks like a lot of people are googling/searching for "Plus Sizes Galore" which takes them to part of my store. That's awesome! Glad I got the plus size love goin' on. So far, the international orders I've had were from the following countries:
    -the Netherlands
    -Western Australia

How fucking cool is that? It would be awesome if I sold one item to someone on every continent. Seriously. One Foodie Skull t-shirt on someone in every part of the world. That would totally make my year.

It's almost 6:30 and I only just got home. Time to play with Lola for a while, make some dinner, and then head to bed. I can't wait for Thursday. Not becuase it's Thanksgiving, but because I'll have 4 days off. WOO HOO!

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