Monday, December 31, 2007

Huckabee Is Nuts

I'm listening to the podcast of Meet the Press (like I do every Monday because I'm a nerd) with Mike Huckabee and I've come to the conclusion that he's completely off his rocker.
If he's elected president, I can kiss my rights as a liberal, agnostic, pro-gay rights, pro-choice woman goodbye. And then I'll have to start going to church again.
Huckabee in the white house is more scary than both Romney and Guliani. But that's just my opinion.


Michelle said...

That is awesome that you can download "Meet the Press!" I love that show, but I'm usually sleeping or at work when it airs. I agree that Huckabee is nuts. I love how he used Chuck Norris to drum up support.

Honey Bunny said...

oh yeah! i listen to Meet the Press, Countdown w/ Keith Olberman, and 60 Minutes, because like i said, i'm a nerd.

you can subscribe to MTP here