Friday, January 04, 2008


I just  heard a commercial on the radio where a man says something along the lines of "Is your New Year's Resolution to fix the marriage?". The voice then goes on to talk about a legal service* that you can do yourself online for "pennies" compared to seeing an actual attorney and shelling out the big bucks. Isn't that awesome? No needing to leave your house or talk to any of those pesky humans!
So I'm assuming that "fixing" your marriage in 2008 means a quickie divorce. Probably blindsiding your partner while you're at it. So if that's your NYE resolution, you should take comfort in knowing that you can leave your spouse with the click of a mouse.
*sorry, I won't name the legal service as I don't think they should get any business from anyone, ever.

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Clint said...

Noone ever gets blindsided by a divorce. You know it's coming. You've known it's coming for so long that by the time it happens, you realize that a divorce is the only way to fix the marriage.