Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vegas Vacation - Day Two

The second day in Vegas was pretty awesome. The Hubs and I went to breakfast (buffet #2) with my family. After breakfast, I did a little gambling while The Hubs went back to the hotel room to sleep off the bacon and eggs. I don't remember if I won $15 on Tuesday or Wednesday, but at any rate, I was up $15. Sweet.

When The Hubs woke up from his nap, we put on our swim suits and headed to the pool. It was heated and felt so good. After swimming a few laps we relaxed in the hot tub. Man, that's the life! When our fingers and toes were sufficiently pruned, we took showers, got dressed, and headed out to the Venetian.

It was a short walk from Harrah's (where the shuttle dropped us off) to the Venetian where we saw the enormous 2 mile canal and the gondola rides. The Hubs suggested we take the tour, but after hearing the gondola driver singing on the top of his lungs I said I'd pass.

We made our way to Madame Tussauds to see the wax replicas of celebrities. It was pretty fun. The only part that was totally lame was the "Terror!" tour part. I guess it was supposed to be scary, but there weren't any movie monsters to look at at all. The only thing that happened was some dude jumped out of the shadows with a chainsaw and said "Arrrgh!" I saw him coming, so I wasn't scared at all. It's a good thing we didn't have to pay extra for that part. I would have been pissed.

Here are some photos I took in the museum. And just like yesterday's disclaimer, click each photo to see it full sized. You'll thank me.

The Hubs + Gerard Depardieu Me Flipping off Simon Cowell

Hugh Heffner Playboy Bunny

Bono + Me Prince and The P

Princess Diana Britney Spears on a Stripper Pole

Punching George Abe Doesn't Appreciate My Advances

John Wayne + The Hubs Andre Agassi + The Hubs

The rest of the photos can be found here.

After the wax museum, we decided to get on a shuttle to go to Mandalay Bay. Well, it took an hour to go about 3 miles down the strip because the shuttle stopped at every location along the way. That was pretty annoying, but cheaper than taking a taxi. We walked all the way through Mandalay Bay to get to the Shark Reef exhibit. I have to admit, I wasn't impressed. Ok, for an aquarium in the desert I'm impressed, but if it were anywhere else I'd demand my money back. We were in and out of there in about 15 minutes. $1 a minute. Sheesh. But I did get to take some great photos.

Crocodile Crocodile

SHARK! Sting Ray

Pretty Fish Pretty Fish

When it was all over, we walked all the way back through the Hotel, where we saw at least a half-dozen conventions going on. Vegas is the convention capital of the world, I suppose. We took a cab back to our hotel because the shuttle took way too long. The cab driver we had was a native upstate New Yorker like me, but moved to Vegas 20 years ago. He had a foul mouth and liked the Yankees. He would have lost points for that, but he was very nice. I'm pretty sure we took a nap and then walked over to the Rio where we met my family for dinner at the Carnival World Buffet (aka Buffet #3).


Lemon and Lime Tarts @ Buffet #3 Jerk Sitting Next to Us @ Buffet #3

As you can see from the bottom left photo, they had pretty great desserts. But by this time, the buffet scene made me nauseous. I ate way too many shrimp and The Hubs ate too much prime rib. When dessert time came around, we could hardly eat another bite. Although I did have a bite of both of those tarts as well as a scoop of Creme Brulee gelato. Delicious.

Oh, the photo of that dude on the right? He was a supreme asshole. He kept bothering the table in front of him. There were three good looking women in their early 20s and he hit on them relentlessly for about an hour and a half. He kept asking them if he could buy them drinks. Ugh. He was smarmy and disgusting. Oh, and he kept complaining about how this country is going to hell all because of the "Flaming Liberals!" Yeah. He's a real catch, huh? I just like how you can see a sliver of The Hubs in the photo because I was being sneaky. Hehe.

After the Rio buffet, The Hubs and I passed out again. I woke up at midnight and decided to go downstairs and do some more gambling. I think this is when I won "big" and on these two machines. If you're in Vegas, play the Money Island and Tabby Cash penny slots. Tons-o-Fun!

Money Sucker One of My Favorite Slot Machines

I sat at the slots for about 2 hours. When I was up $50 I decided to call it quits. I went back up to the room and woke The Hubs up to tell him what I won. He was pretty happy. We watched some TV and tried to fall back to sleep, but we couldn't. So at abut 2:45am we went to the 80+ lane bowling alley above the casino to play a few games. They have 'graveyard bowling' from Midnight-8am. Shoes and games are only $1! And they have $1 beers as well. So we got our shoes, played two games and drank two beers. The whole event cost us $6. Not bad.

Bowling at 3am 2 Games, 4 Shoes, 2 Beers = $6

Cheep Beer Bowling Balls

I Reign Supreme!

By the time we finished bowling, it was about 4:00am. We didn't fall asleep until 4:30. It was a pretty good day. We did a hell of a lot, that's for sure. Looking back now, that's the life! Being able to get up at 3am and go bowling? Stumble home at 1am and get some breakfast? Play the slot machines and drink free alcohol 24 hours a day? Yeah, I liked Vegas for sure.

Tomorrow, part 3. Until then, here's another random photo. That guy blows bubbles out of his butt. I wish it weren't so windy when I took the photo or you'd see what I mean.
He Farts Bubbles

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