Saturday, February 02, 2008

Welcome to the FundRace 2008

Via Huffington Post, I thought this little graphic was pretty interesting. You can see who donated how much and to whom in the Twin Cities. I'm sure you can check all of Minnesota, but I was just curious about the Metro area.

Curious about who your neighbor, employer, or co-worker supports? Well, now you can check.

I typed in the name of my employer and two lone names popped up. One person donated cash to Ron Paul, the other gave to John Edwards. Both of them just average employees in my office. Employees who apparently have four spare Benjamins to give away.

I just wish you could search by candidate. I'd like to know the percentage of Obama and Clinton supporters here. Also, who supports which Republican candidate (who are they again?!).

As interesting as all this information is, it's still a little creepy. I now know where those two coworkers live. I know it's public information, but still. I know I wouldn't want my name up there for everyone to see. Not because I'd be ashamed in revealing who I support, but I don't think anyone needs to know how much I can (or can't) afford to contribute to a candidate OR my exact address. Ok, maybe it's more shame in the fact that I can't contribute anything, since I'm so far in debt. If someone wanted to rob me they would shake their heads and say " this IT?"

edit: I also found this striking. I went to a private, very expensive, very liberal college in Beverly, MA. I always knew the town was kind of uptight and straight-laced, but not this bad:

Seriously? I can't hardly believe it. Wait, yes I can. Because MA is more conservative than it lets on. It's the only state I know that still has most of it's blue laws still in effect. Ya still cahnt get yah Turkey on Thanksgivin' since the Stawp and Shawp is closed.

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Sornie said...

I scoped that page out yesterday but found very little interesting donations thus far. I am sure it will pick up later int he year though.