Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why Does Jason Lewis Have To Yell At Me?

During my morning commute, I listen to MPR on my mp3 player. I'm only on the bus for maybe 20 minutes, so I basically just hear the weather, a brief update on the world's news, and then part of a story that they are featuring on Morning Edition®. When I finally settle in and begin my work (after going to Caribou to get a coffee and then beating myself up that I paid $3.14 for something I could bring from home) I listen to one of the many podcasts I've downloaded the previous day. I mostly listen to the news-y ones fist, followed by some Slate, and then finished off with either a Lost podcast or Movies You Should See. And then, by that time, it's 4pm and time to head home.

While waiting for the bus at the end of the day, I switch my tuner to 100.3. I do this because I had a hard day at work and I'd like to listen to something so outrageous and so comical that it makes me laugh and laugh and therefore I unwind a little. I did this while living in Boston, too. I'd listen to NPR all day long, but then when it was time to leave for the day, I'd listen to Jay Severin on 96.9. You'd think it would have the opposite effect on me, that it would stress me out you know, hearing all these lies and mis truths about the Crazy Liberals that are taking over the world, right? But it doesn't. NPR is serious business. Talk radio? Not so much.

When I switch on KTLK I immediately get my ears blown out by Jason Lewis's voice. I don't understand this man. Why must he scream? about 90% of the time I can't follow what he's saying because I can't get past the screaming! Does he scream when he's off-air, too? Is that his normal voice? WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING, JASON LEWIS? There are some occasions when the volume of his voice comes down a decibel or two, but that's really rare. Do you think Jason Lewis is capable of whispering? Something tells me he hasn't been able to whisper a day is his life. Does he yell at his wife and kids (if he has any) the way he yells on the radio? "HELLO, HONEY! HOW WAS YOUR DAY? TODAY I TALKED MORE ABOUT HOW THE LIBERALS ARE DESTROYING AMERICA! THEN I RECORDED A COMMERCIAL FOR MY 'JASON'S JUGGERNAUTS' CAMPAIGN TO GET MORE PEOPLE TO LOVE GUNS! ISN'T THAT GREAT? HONEY?" I picture his wife putting earplugs in her ears 10 minutes before he's due home. I wouldn't be able to live with that. I mean, ok, I could probably tolerate his screaming over his political views, but I think after a while even that would drive me bonkers.

So every weekday evening as I listen to Jason Lewis scream and yell -even when he's trying to whisper- I can only picture this character Will Ferrell created for SNL. The Voice Imodulation guy. Yeah, that's Jason Lewis in a nutshell.


Dylan said...

Jason Lewis yells because he's RIGHT. Haven't you seen the billboards? It says right there -- He's RIGHT. (Get it? Right? Like, right wing, but also "right" as in correct. Isn't that clever?)

Everybody knows that when you're right, you need to yell louder. That's what Jesus did. All that guy ever did was yell at his disciples.

JasonC said...

you'd be angry, too, if you were an incredible asshole.

Sornie said...

Political talkers change nobody's mind. Lewis is no different. He just riles up the congregation and his overall tone will not get any new members to the church of conservatives. I listen from time to time but he does nothing to change my mind on my overall leanings, only shows his narrow-mindedness

Julia said...

Found your blog doing a search for Jason Lewis website. I have listened to Jason Lewis, an expert on constitutional law, many times. I have never, not once, heard him yell.

Just sayin.

Honey Bunny said...


I don't believe you're listening to the same Jason Lewis. If you are, you might want to get your hearing checked.

Just sayin'.