Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks, New York Observer!

Doing a Google search on flickr+thehoneybunny brought me to this New York Observer* page from early this month.
Looks like they decided to use the photo of the bowling balls I took while in Vegas.
I have an issue with this. First of all, my creative commons license states that anyone can use any of my photos on any website as long as they credit me. But, the license also states that they must ask my permission before using. I never got any communication from the NY Observer asking for my permission. And that really fries my cheese.
So what should I do? Let the issue go, since it's almost a month since they posted it and I wasn't even aware of it til now? Or, should I write to them to let them know that the Creative Commons License cannot go without notice. I mean, I chose that one for a reason. I could have it set so no one can do anything with my photos but look at them in their browsers, but I didn't. If I was that hardcore, my photos wouldn't have ended up in the Minneapolis and Vancouver city guides.
Maybe I'll just send a "Hey! Just because you're a big online "paper" doesn't mean you can't ask permission to use a photo." And then I'll mutter under my breath "...douchebags".

* the NY Observer is the "paper" that first featured the real Carrie Bradshaw (Candace Bushnell) and the Sex in the City column and grossed $4M last year in sales. I'd like to note, for the record, that I have never read a Sex in the City column nor have I ever watched a single episode of the show. My brain cells thank me every day.


Sornie said...

Call them on it. That's what one guy did... and I'd do the same because theft is theft and I see it attempted all too often in my career and I wouldn't want someone stealing my photography. At least some credit appears to be due.

Honey Bunny said...

hey sornie,
the NY Observer also puts out a print version of their online content. i'm trying to find out if the photo was used in the print version or not. you can subscribe to this paper/magazine and so if it has been printed, it would seem as if they are violating my "non commercial use" terms of my CCL.

they wrote me back asking how they should proceed and what, if any, compensation i want. if it's been printed, i want money. but the question is, how much?

any ideas?