Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New York Observer, You Suck

I have not heard back from the NY Observer after I emailed the Editor back in response to his email to me asking what compensation I want. I named a price (which is amazingly reasonable, considering I could sue them for thousands since they stole my art!) and, now, there's radio silence from them. I expected that. Why would a company who grossed $4M in 2007 fork over a benjamin or two to some nobody in the Midwest? I'm sure they expect me to just go away, but I won't. They will be hearing from me shortly.
But what I really want to say in this entry is that Nowpublic contacted me twicein two days to use two of my photos. Did you read that, New York Observer and  Mr Tom McGeveran? They sent me a simple little email asking me if they could HAVE MY PERMISSION to use a photo or two. They also asked me how I'd like to be credited. Then, they (gasp!) told me exactly how the photo would be used, in what article, and how I would be able to read/access the article. These people are obvious professionals, whereas the New York Observer is not.
So with that said, here is the link to the NowPublic article on Chinese food and Health. My photo taken of the Chinese food my brother's friend made at his restaurant in Vegas is one of many. And you should note that every single one of the photos is credited. You can see the other two photos they asked permission to use here.
The NY Observer really needs to be punished for stealing. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. If I don't make them pay, how many other people will they do it to?


Sornie said...

Good to see someone take action on the whole creative commons front. I hope the advice I pointed you to back in your original post about this helped.

Michelle said...

Way to stick to your guns with the NY Observer! That is horrible what they are doing.