Friday, October 29, 2004

One More Reason to Vote Kerry

wednesday night, the red sox won the world series. phillip and i alternated watching the game and desperately trying to fix his computer. i tried installing a virus scan in order to get rid of the nasty virus that was attacking all his drivers. it didn't work. i wasn't even able to install the software needed to run the cd burner in order to back up the photos we've taken over the last year and a half. i'm sad to report that all out photos are now gone, since we had to reformat the hard drive. thankfully i have another copy of almost all of our photos on my computer, so all is not totally lost. we ran into problems when we couldn't figure out how to fix the missing drivers problem, so phillip decided to call Dell's technical support service. to make a very long story short, he kept getting either disconnected or was unable to understand the tech on the other end. why? because Dell is one of the top 10 companies in the US to outsource their tech help jobs to india.

if any of you know phillip like i do, you know that it takes a lot to get him angry and/or stressed out. by noon the following day, he was still on the phone with someone from india who was trying to talk him through the install. she kept asking him what type of modem he has, and every time phillip answered "DSL modem", i could hear the woman say "Cable? Cable modem?". i took control of the phone when i could see phillip physically shaking with what i can only assume was quiet rage. i installed the drivers like she said, but she couldn't understand when i said that there were no additional prompts to click on after they were installed. i could tell she was either reading from a manual or a prompt on her monitor, because if i didn't answer "yes" to her questions, she would repeat them, like she didn't know how to proceed unless the answer given was "yes." it doesn't seem like there was any analytical thinking on the other side of the phone. we finally hung up the phone with the woman and decided to work on it a little more by ourselves. after figuring out that phillip needed a new phone cord in order to get a solid connection to the internet, i went home so he could work on it more by himself. he was able to get it working, which made him a lot less stressed. his PC still has many problems, and he's been working on it non-stop to try to get it back to the way it was...or at least partially.

so that brings me to todays gripe against the Bush Administration. bush and his administration has encouraged businesses to outsource their technical (and other) jobs overseas. does anyone else see this as a problem? there have been hundreds of thousands of jobs taken away from hard working americans and given to workers in india, china, and taiwan to name a few. the bush administration sees nothing wrong with this, and in fact has said that outsourcing is just another form of international trade.

uh, what?

by definition, trade means an exchange of one thing for another. so i guess bush and his cronies think that this sort of trade is OK, since we're taking away jobs from people in our country and giving them to someone else, in return for cheap labor. but what's wrong with this is that the american people aren't getting anything in return. we've now lost our jobs, and when the time comes when we have to rely on support or services from these newly "traded" jobs, we are severely short changed. the language barrier alone is one huge problem, not to mention the fact that the people in taiwan or india aren't trained properly to do the job. there are no labor laws governing over these workers either. all so the government can save a few bucks? hello! is anyone out there?? this is completely wrong and must be stopped.

the good news is that john kerry will fight to end the absurd tax breaks for companies that send their work overseas. he will also require that companies moving operations abroad to cheaper labor markets must abide by tough workers' rights and environmental standards. but overall, he's going to work to create more jobs in this country so we do not have to send our jobs overseas, thus making it harder for those unemployed to get back into the job sector. also, kerry is sponsoring legislation to require call center workers to identify themselves and the country where they are located. companies would no longer be able to pretend they're operating in the U.S. when they are not. shouldn't that have been implemented already? i guess bush just didn't think of it...

i know that many of you who are reading this has a relative or close friend who has been laid off in the past four years. more likely than not, they are struggling to find decent, lasting work. by electing john kerry, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. at least for me, kerry gives me hope that the economy will get back on its feet. bush cannot promise that, no matter how hard he tries.

for more information on bush vs kerry and their offshore and trade policies, please click here.

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