Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Amazing Race 6

it took us a couple days to watch the amazing race. i had taped it on tuesday and phillip and i didn't see each other until thursday afternoon. during those two days, i had about 3 people ask me what i thought of it. i had to do the "LALALALALALALA" fingers-in-ears, i-can't-hear-you thing because we hadn't seen it yet. and of course i didn't want anyone to spoil it for us. yeah, i'm a dork that way.

so phillip and i watched on thursday afternoon. we were amazed at how so many of the "couples" didn't get along with each other. the team that came in first were the only ones that did not argue at all (if i remember right). we quickly found the teams we totally hate, as well as teams we kinda-sorta like.

first of all, there is one guy who we hated within the first five minutes. his name is johnathan:

he's loud, obnoxious, has a short fuse, a raging temper, and constantly screams and threatens divorce to his wife victoria. of course, he's the prototype for "good television". ugh. i'm seriously hoping that he is out next week. the guy is such an ass. if i were victoria, i'd take him up on his threats of divorce. he screamed and yelled and just looked like a total moron. so yeah...he's #1 on our list of people we can't stand.

the other couple that grates on our nerves are bolo and lauri. they are meat heads that constantly fight with each other and call each other names. their favorite thing to call each other is "dumb redneck". oh- and they are "professional wrestlers".

not only do these two look freakishly large compared to the other couples, they do the whole rasslin' thing whenever they can. i am not sure if this is supposed to impress the other couples, but by the looks they were getting, i can only assume that it's not working. they screamed at each other a lot, called each other names, and phillip and i are convinced that bolo is illiterate. seriously. watch the show on tuesday. he can't read the map, signs, or the cards the route markers. he has to have lauri read them. and no, it's not a language barrier either. he had the same difficulty in the minneapolis airport as he did at the airport in reykjavic. maybe he should lay off the headlocks for a while.

the teams that i like the best are hayden & aaron and lena & kristy.

i like hayden and aaron because they haven't been together for all that long, but seem to work really well together under pressure. their bio says that when they met they knew that they were supposed to be together for ever. of course, that tugs at my heart because that's how i feel about phillip and i. also, they respect each other and even though they get frustrated, they don't scream at each other or call each other names. in my opinion, there's just no need for that. so i'm glad that they don't use those tactics.

i like lena and kristy because they are sisters who are total opposites. both were raised in a strict mormon household. kristy still holds true (more or less) to the mormon teaching, whereas lena is a complete party girl, ditching her strict upbringing for a *gasp* liberal college and a less conservative/religious way of leading her life. she was a striptease aerobics instructor at one point. you have to love reformed mormons!

i hope that on this season of the amazing race they go to more european countries and maybe ones in asia. make them deal with the cold more than the heat. i think the only place they went to that had snow last season was russia. and that was so they could drink vodka. heh. if you couldn't tell, this show is one of our guilty pleasures. the only other reality show that we watch every week is survivor. and this season is boring us pretty hard core. so we hope that the amazing race is at least a little more interesting. like i said before, i'm a dork. :)

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