Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Adventure!

phillip and i had a wonderful thanksgiving. we stayed inside all day. the weather was miserable so why risk getting soaked? we stayed in bed till noon. NOON! i wanted to get up sooner, but every time i said to phillip "is it time to get up?" he would tighten his hold around me and say "not yet." i'd hear him snoring shortly after that. god, he's too cute.

finally at 12 i got up, showered, and started fixing up lunch. our plan was to eat lunch, watch a movie, and then go to coolidge corner to see "tarnation". after the movie we would come back here, eat dinner, and watch survivor. well, it didn't work out like that.

we settled in to watch the movie gypsy 83. i had fixed some yummy things to eat for lunch: cheese and crackers, olives, pickles, a veggie platter, and mini hotdogs, which phillip gobbled up right away :) i really liked the movie. phillip saw this in the theater when it came out almost 2 years ago. i wanted to see it so bad with him, but i had to work. i remember he called me up and said that he liked it, but it made him sad and he wanted a hug after he left the theater. awww! so we watched the movie and ate our goodies.

after the movie, we flipped through the hundreds of cable channels we have and watched some mindless TV. then phillip wanted to take some pictures of me, so i said "ok". we are really liking the new camera a lot. phillip has just about gotten the hang of the settings, but i'm still trying to learn them. here's one of me checking my email:

we decided to take a nap. i know, i know...with all that sleep, why would we need a nap? well, if any of you know phillip and i, you know that we love to sleep. so we slept for about an hour and woke up realizing that we missed the movie. by that time our stomachs were grumbling so i started cooking dinner.

i made a turkey pot pie, potatoes, and we ate the rest of the veggies. while it was cooking, phillip's mom called to say happy thanksgiving. it was so nice to talk to everyone, and phillip was able to talk to everyone in his family too. talking to them made me smile for a long time. on the other hand, talking to MY family made me cry and feel pretty bad. oh well. phillip said i can adopt his family. so it's settled. :)

after dinner, we watched survivor. this year just isn't as good as the ones in the past. i still want amy to win it all, because she plays the game pretty well. i wasn't too happy that leanne was voted off. i really hate eliza and every week i hope that she will be voted off. maybe next week. heh. we also watched tuesday's episode of the amazing race. i like how they are doing more in europe instead of south america and india and stuff. it's more interesting to me. i can't wait till next week for the next episode. i'm a dork.

we watched trekkies 2 on HBO last night as well. it made me laugh because i don't understand trekkies (or trekkers, if you ask the wrong person) and their obsession. just like i don't understand those hard core star wars fans. but i guess everyone has their obsessions. for a few years i was pretty obsessed with the X-Files, so who am i to talk, right?

after the movie, we went to bed. phillip fell asleep almost right away, but i was kept awake for a while. why? because i saw a little mouse in my room! i'm not afraid of mice or anything, but what kept me awake was it's gnawing and scratching at the bottom of my door! i think it was trying to get out or something. but it just kept scraping and scraping for a long time. i'd fall asleep and then it would wake me up. ugh! when i got up this morning there were all these little wood shavings at the entrance to my room. so weird. i hope it doesn't come back. he was a big mouse. the one that lives in phillip's house is a tiny brown one. i like that one better :)

so we had a great day yesterday. it's just too bad that it's over so soon. we're looking forward to having christmas together as well as new years. we'll have fun just the two of us :)

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