Tuesday, November 02, 2004

They Call Me 'Spellin' Nazi'

here are two funny pictures i took today while on my way home. the first one annoys me because of the obvious spelling mistake. i don't like hot dogs, but even if i did, i wouldn't buy one from a place that can't spell. i'll take my business to spikes.

and this picture annoys me because clinton hasn't been in office for four years. the cigar jokes are no longer current or funny. the "i did not inhale" wasn't funny either. i suspect that bill o'reilly and the cronies at FOX are getting a kick out of these. everyone else on the planet is rolling their eyes in unison, like i'm doing right now. seriously, these were in the store 24.

i was watching the election coverage on NBC and FOX, just to get perspective. but now i'm watching it on comedy central with jon stewart because my brain is going mushy and my tummy is sick with worry. come on, kerry! you can do it! i'm begging...

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