Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Happy Day!

i mailed out my christmas cards! and before the 24th! that's like, a new record for me! all of you "foreign" peeps out there let me know when you get your cards so i know they have arrived :)

i was approved for the zipcar! yay! so now i just have to find out what time we have to be at emergence on the 21st and we'll be all set. we're totally looking forward to it.

last night was pretty slow at ceremony. we guess the snow and finals had a lot to do with it. i didn't dance much because i'm still in a lot of pain, but phillip did a great job. when he was spinning, he had the dance floor full. well, full with the people who were there. see?:

the fog machine makes it a little hard to see

i mostly just sat in the back, watched people, and sipped ginger ale. one weird looking guy kept trying to get up the nerve to talk to me. i could tell. i sneezed a couple of times. when he said "bless you" i turned to thank him and he winked. dur. i thought it was funny that once he saw me hug and kiss phillip he left! haha! overall it was a nice night. we left soon after phillip's second set was done because there's no sense hanging around to listen to obscure music that no one dances to.

acting all dapper. heh.

here are some photos from last night.

phillip drinking my ginger ale ;)

phillip took this picture of my legs. he's silly

i told phillip to make the face he gives me when he's mad at me. here it is. hahahah!

me lookin' all glamorous. yeah, right! :)

that's it. hope you enjoyed them. nothing spectacular, but it's just a day in the life of J & P :)


Debby said...

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Honey Bunny said...

i make my own cards, thanks.

Karen said...
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