Thursday, December 09, 2004

Oh My God!

in my fit of cleaning last night, i came across this tiny silver pouch that i made years and years ago. i didn't open it until this morning. and to my delight, inside was my class ring! i found my class ring!

YAY! i really honestly thought that i had lost it 11 years ago when i got drunk at a frat party in mission hill. that was the night that i wore my purple silk shirt and tight black pants, thinking i was all hot stuff. by the time i got back to my dorm, my silk shirt was ripped right up the side, belly and bra showing, and i had some sort of gunk on my black pants. and my ring was gone. so i figured that whatever i did when i was drunk out of my skull lead me to lose my ring. in fact, for all these years i was convinced that i lost it in the 55 gallon garbage can that the frat boys used to make their "special punch". it was a nasty concoction that tasted like listerine. but when you're 17, still new to the big city, and starving for any sort of acceptance you can get, you just plunge your arm into the can and fill up your cup with the swill...

ah, good times.

so as lame as this sounds, i'm so so so SO happy to find my class ring. i was such a total dork in high school. if you can see, i didn't want to get anything on my ring that tied me to that school, so instead i opted for my name on one side with the mustang (it wasn't a choice, i had to have it on there. it was my high school mascot), and the year i graduated along with the "libra" scales on the other. and to top it all off (and to enrage my mother), i chose a tangerine colored stone. my school colors were blue and white. even back then i was a pissah, huh?

it fits, but it's too snug. and i'd look like a super dork wearing it now, eleven years after i moved to new england from new york. but hey, maybe i'll start a trend. i can be all ironic and stuff. yeah, that's the ticket!

oh, class ring, how i've missed you. *kisses ring*

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