Sunday, December 12, 2004

Lord, Save Me! ... Or Don't.

working on the weekends leaves me plenty of time to surf the web and find outrageous websites that boggle my mind. the one i came upon today is Truth for Youth.

this is a very serious website, made possible by radical christian right groups in the south and middle america. the comics are hysterical, but not intentionally. i guess their purpose is to scare the crap out of impressionable teenagers. my favorite one is the comic on homosexuality. basically the truth for youth is saying not only is homosexuality wrong, but it kills! of course, that's always the reason the religious right give to why homosexuality is wrong. because all homosexuals have AIDS and a myriad of other social diseases, right? this comic also suggests that men have homosexual affairs behind their wives backs, so that brings in the sin of infidelity. homos also drink too much and do an insane amount of drugs, proposition any and all men for sex at any time of the day in any place you can think of, and they rely on older homos to pay their bills. don't you know that?!? but if you are a homosexual, read the bible, and then decide to be straight and love women you'll get into heaven.

seriously. just read the comic.

and if you're not convinced on how wonderful Truth for Youth comics are, here are some testimonials:

    "I salute Tim Todd for packaging God's Word and His specific instruction of the issues that face all young people today in such a gripping and contemporary way. God bless each reader!" PAT BOONE
    obviously mr. boone didn't read the "rock and roll" comic, did he? everyone remember the heavy metal album boone released called Pat Boone in a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy and his budding friendship with ozzy osbourne? oh, pat...typical! "do as i say, don't do as i do!"

    "The Truth For Youth Bible for teens clearly challenges today's young people about the issues they are facing today. The unique format grabs their attention with the Biblical truths that will transform their lives. I recommend it!" DR. JERRY FALLWELL

    this is the guy who blamed homosexuals for the attacks on the US on 9/11. he's also the one who was convinced that the purple teletubby is gay, and that women are a minority and witches. hmmm... kinda makes you think he's hiding his own homosexuality, am i right?!?

    "It was interesting to hear about The Truth For Youth Bible. We were pleased to know that many young people are being won to the Lord through this book. We wish you God's best as you continue to minister to young people." DR. BILLY GRAHAM
    just as long as the kids aren't jewish, right mister graham??

of course, i know that all of you who are reading this know it's a load of shit. but what is scary, (and we saw this on november 2), is that there are too many people in this country that believe that homosexuality is a "sin" and is "wrong". i'm not quite sure how to go about changing the minds of these people, because that would mean they would have to have some brains to begin with, but i do hope that in the future, this country will realize that we're all humans and it makes no difference who you sleep with. whatever we do in our own bedrooms is no one's business. not the church's, not the state's, not our neighbor's. why can't it be as simple as that?

and for your enjoyment, because i'm such an evil girl, i filled out the "salvation" info form on the Truth for Youth site. i've been on the highway to hell for 29 years, so are you surprised?

click to see my submission!

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