Monday, December 13, 2004

Mondo Tape-o

i'm going through all my cassette tapes and getting ready to chuck them. this is a pretty sad event in my life, but there's really no reason to keep them. i haven't listened to them in years. in fact, i'm not even sure if the tape deck works in my stereo or not.

anyway, i found a bazillion mix tapes that i made when i was in college. a bunch of them are of the classic rock variety, but some are kind of hip. and i use 'hip' pretty loosely.

one mix tape i found is called "unleashed emotions". UNLEASHED EMOTIONS! that came from me and my pen. how completely embarrassing, huh? take a look at what's on this tape:
side 1
summer babe - pavement
package thief - superchunk
i know you (part 3) - morphine
divorce song - liz phair
junkie - poe
swallowed - bush
open book - cake
crush - dave matthew's band
let's get it on - marvin gaye (which, coincidentally is playing on "the hebrew hammer" on the tv in the background as i write this!)
stay -eryka badu
sour times - portishead
yes - morphine

side 2
city of motors - soul coughing
climbing up the walls - radiohead
broken homes - tricky
kennel district - pavement
art school girlfriend - stone temple pilots
erica kane - urge overkill
waiting room - fugazi
dying for it - vaselines
virtual insanity - jamaroquai
all my love -led zeppelin
drowning man - U2

the songs aren't too bad. i still like many of them (like the radiohead and portishead songs). but i can remember the headspace i was in when i made this. it was early '98 and i was finishing up my senior year in college. there was a boy or two that were giving me a hard time. one i had a major crush on, but he liked one of my good friends. the other was the typical bad boy who would treat me mean but i'd come back for more. i remember being pretty sad and i guess that's what i was trying to profess in this mix tape. pretty silly since looking back now, none of these songs are all that sad. but at the time, i was so emotional! very silly if you ask me. but then again, i was only 23 and had a lot to learn.

so this is one of the many "unleashed emotions" mix tapes that are going in the trash. what i should do is randomly choose one and send it to everyone who reads this. you can all share the insanity!

mix tapes. they are a lost art. i'll miss them, but it's best i break ties.

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