Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Office

i forgot to mention that last week, phillip and i watched the office reunion/christmas special. it was awesome. it's too bad that there were only two seasons of that show. and i'm really hoping that they don't do an american version of it. it just wouldn't work out right.

i was happy to see that dawn and tim got together. and that david found a woman. but what was disturbing to me was when we watched the 'extra features' section on the DVD, ricky gervais didn't veer from his character of david brent at all. so that makes me wonder if gervais is like that all the time and he wasn't really acting much? that's kind of sad, because david brent is such a lonely, sad, pathetic man. i wouldn't want him as a boss, that's for sure. and i don't know how any woman would want to be with him either!

anyway, if you haven't seen the office series, i really suggest that you rent it. it's hysterical, especially gareth. we got ours from netflix, but i'm sure blockbuster has it as well.

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