Saturday, January 22, 2005

Being Sick Stinks...Literally

phillip cought his nasty cold in the first weeks of december. i forced him to see a doctor last week because his horrific cough had not gone away. the doctor said his lungs sounded fine and that he should just rest and drink lots of liquids. being the work-a-holic he is, he has yet to take the doctor's advice.

meanwhile, i've been pretty healthy throughout this whole ordeal. i've given phillip his space when he felt cruddy. i tried to be the best pretend doctor i could be, bringing him juice, water, and chocolates, telling him that he'll be ok. so what do i get in return? his germs!

so now i'm sick with the awful hacking cough, vomiting, fever, and headache. i've barely slept the past few days since the cough keeps me up. we missed a party with friends last night because i couldn't get out of bed. it's really hot in my room due to the fact that i'm on the third floor AND there is a radiator right at the edge of my bed. and even though i've turned it off, it still heats up and makes the room super hot. it doesn't help that i have only one little window in here, too. with the window open and the fan on, it's still about 85 degrees.

i've also consumed more liquid in a 24 hour period than anyone i know. since i'm thirsty all the time, i guess my body is telling me i'm dehydrated. i poured all of these down my throat since friday morning. and this isn't counting the gallon of water or the hot cocoa i had for breakfast yesterday.

when you're sick, the last thing you want to do is change out of your comfy PJs and take a shower. needless to say, i've been in my PJs since thursday. so you have to imagine how great i smell. it's bad when your pits stink so bad that you actually tell yourself to take a shower! so that's what i plan on doing in the next hour. that is, unless my comfy bed starts calling my name. i will have to surrender to the comforter and pillows...

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