Friday, January 21, 2005

Can't wait to Cook!

one thing i totally cannot wait to do when phillip and i settle in to our new apartment is to cook for us. i've been able to cook little things here and there, but it was really difficult since i was never home long enough to prepare a meal. well, that's going to change after february 1.

the first thing i want to make (i've done it before) are popovers, otherwise known as yorkshire pudding. the only real difference between american popovers and yorkshire pudding is that popovers use butter instead of the drippings from a roast. but i bet that tastes just as good. i've made popovers in the past and they are delicious. but it's difficult to make just two popovers, so i'm looking forward to making a dozen for phillip and i to share.

i also have a waffle iron that works really well. before i knew better, i would use pancake batter in the waffle iron. it didn't taste like waffles, only square shaped pancakes. that's when i discovered krusteaz belgian waffle mix. i'm glad i did because it's just for waffles. when i was living with my ex, he wanted me to put chocolate chips in EVERYTHING, including belgain waffles. take my advice. do not put chocolate chips in your waffle mix and hope to have yummy waffles. it just doesn't work.

and "appliance" that i'd like to acquire in the near future is a crock pot. that way i can make lots of awesome dinners for us to eat after work. i want to make beef stew, because we both love stew. and i'd like to make sausages and peppers, italian style, like my mom used to make me as a kid. of course there are a million more things to make in a crockpot, so i might have to pick up a cookbook or two.

and phillip and i were talking about how we'd like to make fondue on of these days. we don't have a fondue pot, so that's another thing we will have to add to the list of fun cooking items to buy. i like both cheese and chocolate fondue, but i think i prefer the cheese. it just reminds me of new year's eve when my mom would make yummy cheese fondue and we'd dip chunks of stale french and italian bread into it. yum!

all this talk about cooking and food has made me hungry. i've been sick for the past 2 days and unable to keep anything down. maybe this is a sign that i'm getting better. let's hope!


Amanda B. said...

My husband and I want to adopt you please. Wait, that might be illegal. If you ever get on a cooking/traveling kick, feel free to head this way and cook until your heart is content. :)

Honey Bunny said...

awww...that's so sweet, Amanda! i love to cook, but i haven't been able to in years. only because i have been living inbetween my house and phillip's house and never home long enough to cook. but that will change after feb 1! yay!