Sunday, January 23, 2005

Blizzard of '05!

there's a blizzard going on right now. hardcore. they are comparing it to the blizzard of '78. since i was only 3 and living in NY, i don't remember it at all.

the last time i saw snow like this was in 1997 and i was living in beverly. it snowed for two days straight and everything was shut down for two or three days. it looks like that is what's going to happen here now. logan airport is shut down, some major highways are closed, and there's a state of emergency in effect. the wind is howling like i've never heard it before. and this is the view from my little window in my room:

i hate being stuck inside. the good thing is that i don't have to go out at all today. i have food and water and the heat is working fine. i just miss phillip. i haven't seen him since wednesday! i wish we could be snowed in together.

for those who are interested, i tood this from the WHDH website.

Here's the timeline:
Snow moved in 2-4pm
Accumulations of up to 8" reported by 9pm
Blizzard conditions continued with 12" after midnight
Moderate snowfall 5-9am up to 24" fell by mid morning to noon

Tapering inland with light snow and flurries
Wrap-around snow on the coast / Cape into evening up to 25"-30" totals in the heaviest bands.
Ending on the Cape Sunday night.

oh, how i love living in new england!


Kitten said...

I just posted a similar pic...New England sux this time of freakin have a cute blog and the muffins look YUMMY!

Honey Bunny said...

thanks, kitten! the muffins were delish.

yes, new england weather is awful, but i love boston and wouldn't think of leaving.

keep warm!