Sunday, January 30, 2005

Finally! Some Creativity!

i have a boring job. i read and then forward email all day. plus, i watch the print queue and fill printers with paper. it pays really well, but i'm bored out of my skull.

this morning a woman i work with came by to pick up some printouts. she handed me a business card that says "FREE KAREN SAYER!" i said "who is karen sayer?" now, this woman's name is karen, so at first i thought maybe she got remarried and was now karen sayer. but i turned the business card over and read that karen sayer is the lead character in a play she is producing called Blinders. it's a political satire, and if any of you know me, i love me some political satire!
    In Blinders, scientists announce an astounding discovery--they've found two men, not twins, exactly alike. The media and the public go wild over these freaks, turning them into instant celebrities. But one reporter can clearly see that these “duplicates” don't even look alike. Her desperate struggle to expose the truth, even as the popularity of this unnatural duo threatens engulf the world, leads the audience on a twisted, comic odyssey.

after i listened to her tell me about the play, she asked me if i knew of anyone who could do costumes. i told her that leila might be interested, but i needed to find out what her schedule is like. then she said "i need to find someone to do the playbills and a poster." i said "YOU'RE LOOKIN' AT HER!" karen said "NO WAY!" and i said "YES!". she gave me a big hug and did a happy dance around the office. at the same time, i was hugging myself and doing a happy dance on the inside.

this is something i've been looking to do for a long time. i don't think there is any money in the budget to pay me, but that's ok. the more i can add to my resume, the better. i also mentioned to her that i have my degree in radio/tv/film production and her husband owns Pulse Media. she's going to introduce me to him and hopefully give me some contacts that i can use to see if there are any jobs out there. is that not the coolest?

just when i was getting down about my job and the status of my career, something great like this happens. karen gave me a copy of the script to read and then we're going to meet in a few weeks to talk about what she'd like me to do. she wants posters, playbills, postcards, and flyers made. she's going to Paris for two weeks and when she comes back she'd like to see my ideas. i better get crackin'!

*does happy dance*

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