Monday, January 31, 2005


yesterday was the last sunday i had to wait and wait and wait for the #66 to take me home. i'm thankful i will never have to ride that bus again.

saturday starts my commute on the #1. i'm thankful that the #1 comes every 5-7 minutes. unlike the #66 which was every 15 to 30, or as of recently, whenever the hell it wants to arrive.

tomorrow the movers come to take all my possessions to my new home. i'm thankful that i'm finally old enough and have a well paying job that allows me the luxury of having someone else break their back and get a hernia while moving my stuff across town.

wednesday my cable and internet service will be turned on. i'm thankful that phillip and i will have two days without the distraction of websites and bad reality shows. although, we will miss The Amazing Race tomorrow. that makes us sad.

thursday and friday i can relax and unpack with out having to worry about going to work. i'm thankful for this schedule, although working on the weekends can be kind of a downer. everyone else has the weekends off.

saturday night phillip and i will be going to the new england darkside walker's ball. i'm thankful for having such a well respected and widely sought after DJ boyfriend. this allows us to get into events for free. there's nothing better than FREE, is there?

and i'm most thankful for having such a loving, caring, wonderful boyfriend who is my perfect match and soul mate. it was love at first sight and i fall in love all over again every time i see him.

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