Thursday, January 27, 2005

FYI - LiveJournal Sucks

i'm leaving livejournal because, frankly, it's a breeding ground for stalkers and freaks. and i don't mean "freaks" in the good way. i'm talking about people who have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than spam communities and personal journal entries. and for what? all it does is piss me off that my inbox is getting filled with people saying stuff like GOTHS SUCK! or SHUT UP FATTY! what can you say back to these idiots? there really isn't anything, unless you lower yourself to their 3rd grade mentality. i've done it, but it gets old and i feel kind of cheap and icky (since i'm an adult and all). so i've decided to leave.

with that in mind, i'm migrating all my worth-keeping entires to this blog. one of those that i would be heartbroken to lose is our trip to wisconsin. it's in the archives under september, if any of you are interested. it was our first trip together and we had the best time ever. EVER. so read up on it if you wish. it's more there for me than anything else, but i thought i'd alert my readers to some new entries.

so if you see old entires popping up over the next few days, that's just me moving the good stuff off livejournal to the ADULT BLOG i call HoneyBunny.


1 comment:

VioletBlack said...

What the fuck is it with you and those assholes!? They seem to be on your back all the time.
Touch wood, I have never had any problems with anything like that.