Thursday, January 27, 2005


during the horrendous snow storm, phillip set his mind on getting himself an xbox. his playstation 2 was stolen when his apartment was robbed back in november. we used the PS2 to play DVDs, so when it was stolen, i bought him a DVD player so we could watch movies.

but phillip was still itching for the xbox. mostly so he could play the game Halo 2. he liked the first Halo game when it came out, so he wanted to see what this one is like. i'm completely ignorant when it comes to video games, so i can't tell you anything about it. but i watched him play last night and the graphics seemed pretty cool. so phillip played his video games while i snuggled under the covers and slept. it's a good thing i can sleep through anything. especially when he turns his huge speakers on and the sounds of the game pumps out of them :)

isn't he just too cute though?

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