Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

last night was so much fun! it was just phillip and i but we had a blast. i love it how we're able to have such a good time together without having to be with a large group of people. well, we went to ManRay where there were a ton of people, but we didn't know any of them :)

i got to phillip's house at 9:30. he was in a grumpy, crabby mood because work was super busy. he said he was feeling old and useless. that made me sad because he's NOT old and useless. so i snapped him out of that mood really quick. he looked so handsome in his jacket and tie, but he didn't feel very comfortable, so he took the tie off. i wore my silver sparkle dress that i'd never worn before. it's just been sitting in my closet for all these years. so i figured, what the heck? :)

we waited for the bus on the corner. a smelly drunk guy was bugging us. he wanted to look at our camera and phillip said 'no!' and at one point, the drunk guy put his hand on my knee, phillip looked at him and said "please don't touch my girlfriend". i thought that was awesome and so chivalrous! phillip is always saving me from the drunk, smelly bums wherever we go. we took some pictures at the bus stop:

i like this picture, although i look about 12 years old.

i was starving so we decided to go to the asgard in central square. it was busy in there, but not packed or anything. i really like the way it's set up. the furniture is gorgeous and i love the colors. when the waitress asked us what we wanted to drink, i initially asked for a diet coke. then in a flash i decided to order a black orchid martini. it was awesome, but $9. nine dollars! that's an expensive martini. but phillip said "don't worry about it, honey." what a good guy :)

i kind of look like a deer in headlights. i'm wearing my fake eyelashes, which phillip loves a lot ;)

phillip got a guinness. he's so cute. i wanted to eat HIM for dinner!

me and my nine dollar martini!

after dinner we went to ManRay. it cost us $50 to get in, but it was a fun time. we had many drinks. no thanks to , my new favorite drink is an amaretto sour. i had three of them. THREE! there were a ton of people at ManRay, but we only saw one person that we know. ONE! that's pretty rare. maybe everyone else was in the 'burbs or something. anyway, phillip and i did a lot of drinking, making out (hee-hee), people watching, and laughing. i danced a little bit, but the dance floor at ManRay has to be the worst in all of new england. it's all warped and the ceiling leaks horribly. so i didn't dance much on the dance floor. i just danced right where i was standing. phillip thought that was cute. at about 11:30, there was a live performance by Gene Dante and the Future Starlets. Gene Dante played Hedwig in the Boston production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. he wasn't bad. he definitely has a great stage presence. and they finished their set with 20th Century Boy, which rocked. phillip and i kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed some more when the ball dropped and everyone screamed "happy new year!" the night was just perfect and i was so happy to be there with him. he's my best friend and the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. we stayed for about an hour and some more. i was really tipsy when we left. we walked past TT the Bears and the Middle East. i stopped to ask some guys for a cigarette, which i shouldn't have done because i don't smoke anymore. but like i said, i was tipsy.

the little guy said "i'll give you a cigarette if you sing "Turn on you Heart Light". i said "you mean, the neil diamond song?" that got them excited, so he gave me the cigarette.

then i said "what do i have to do to get a light?" and the big guy said "what is that song about? if you know, i'll give you a light." i said "it's from E.T., yo!!". that also made them very happy! so we snapped this photo, said 'thanks', and kept on walking.

we ran into some random people as well. phillip used to work with this guy at his job. i forget his name :(

and this girl is a waitress at Thorntons. the place we go to eat at least 3 times a week ;)

we made our way through the ton of people in central square and walked to the bus stop. my feet were killing me because i was wearing my super high heels. and i was pretty drunk as well. can't you tell?:

man, i was tipsy! :)

two totally cute guys came by and took this picture of us. when they were walking away i saw they were holding hands. i said "oh! isn't that so sweet?" i love to see people in love, don't you?

and here are some random pictures of us:

this picture makes me smile. phillip looks so cute. i love him!

another picture of me looking 12!

when's that damn bus coming?!?!

we made it home in one piece. i had to stop at the store to get some water so i wouldn't wake up with a headache. of course i did, but it isn't as bad as it could have been. i slept really well and so did p. i just wish that we had today off together. oh well. i'm going to take a nap to get rid of my headache. hope everyone had a great new year's eve!

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