Monday, December 27, 2004

i'm seriously considering asking phillip if we can buy all the stuff we need for our new place on not only do they have insane prices, but the shipping on everything you order is only $2.95! that's you're entire order.

we're going to need a frame for the bed since we're both sick of it being on the ground. i like this bed frame a lot. but i also like this one. the second one is a lot cheaper, but it's a little girlie, i suppose. and if you know me, i'm not into girlie stuff.

for the bathroom i'd like to get this shower curtain in black, of course. and i think that either red or dark purple towels would be cool. right now the bathroom is pure white. we have to add color to it! :)

we will have phillip's futon for the living room and we're not sure if he's going to bring his recliner. it's kind of beat up and stained. i'd love to buy him a new one, but those are just too expensive. we also have his tv and entertainment center we're going to bring along. we have my desk that we'll put his computer on, and since i have a laptop, i can plug it in wherever there's room.

i hope we'll have enough room in the closet for our clothes. and we plan on sharing one dresser. i have a set of tupperware drawers that i've been keeping my underwear and socks in and it is working well, so i might just continue to do that, but hide them in the closet. and i might have to get rid of some shoes before we move (oh, the horror!)

and another great thing i realized is that since we only have one room, my air conditioner will work perfectly during the summer! that's one less expense for us as well! :)

i'm so excited to move in with phillip and finally be in a good neighborhood that's (mostly) free of college kids. we only have a month and a week to go! it will go by so fast, too. ack!

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