Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Post

christmas eve and christmas were really nice. phillip came over after work and we went to the japanese restaurant on the corner for diner. i was thinking about getting some california rolls, but i didn't see on the menu where they served just california rolls, so i passed. instead we opted for chinese dishes, which is odd at a japanese restaurant. but the food was good anyway.

after dinner we went home and watched The Life and Death of Peter Sellers on HBO. it was pretty good. i guess it was supposed to be released in theaters but it didn't make it. phillip's family called to wish us a merry christmas, which was so nice. makes me wish i had a family like his. my family never calls me. i'm always the one who has to call. and if i didn't, i would never talk to them. oh well. after the movie we went to sleep. i was pretty tired and phillip had to deal with angry/stressed/crazy customers all day.

i slept until about 11 on christmas day. i got up and made breakfast and showered. i let phillip sleep for another hour or so before i woke him up for breakfast. after we ate, we decided to walk to brookline see the movie Sideways at the Coolidge. the walk was nice since it hadn't turned cold yet. it was nice to walk and talk with phillip about lots of stuff. the theater was pretty crowded but we found seats in the back. the movie was good. i really liked it and i thought it was better than About Schmidt, but Election is my favorite out of films that Payne has done this far. I thought the whole wine thing was a little snobby, but maybe that's because i don't know anything about wine. i don't even drink wine. the character of miles reminded me of someone i know and the jack character, well, he was so slimy that i don't think anyone cared how his life turned out. but that's just my opinion. i suggest seeing Sideways. i didn't know this till now, but whole foods is a sponsor of this movie. that's kinda cool. it's kind of a dumb title, but then again, it's centered around wine and wine bottles are stored on their side, so....

the walk home from the theater was cold. my ears went numb and the wind burn/frostbite in my cheeks really started to act up. after we got in the house and my body started to warm up, my cheeks started to burn and really hurt. ugh. i need to buy a scarf. anyway, i fixed some cheese and crackers and veggies and dip for phillip and i. we watched some of groundhog day which was one of my favorite movies when i was in college. hah! we flipped through the channels and watched bits and pieces of programs that were on. we took a nap and then i made pesto pasta and garlic bread for dinner. it was really good. i put some shrimp in mine and when i showed phillip he said "Gross!" hahaha! he's not into fish at all. he's missing out! that's what i tell him all the time.

after dinner we decided to pack up my stuff for work on sunday and head over to phillip's house. we dumped our stuff off and then headed out to the fenway theater to see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou . i really liked it. i thought it was funny and so did phillip. when i first saw the trailer for this film i was pretty excited since i love wes anderson. rushmore is my favorite film by him so far. but the life aquatic was really good. phillip even laughed in parts, and he never laughs out loud!

it was after midnight when we got home. we opened the gifts that phillip's mom sent us. i got a gorgeous cashmere throw and phillip got a black ribbed shirt and some undies (heehee). we ate some of the cake i made for christmas and then went to bed. 7:30 came too early this morning. it was so nice to be in bed with phillip curled around me.

christmas was nice just the two of us. we will get each other gifts after we move into our new place in february. by that time it will be valentine's day and then after that it's our two year anniversary! i hope everyone had a nice christmas!

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