Saturday, January 15, 2005

On Being Bored

i'm not usually one to get bored. i mean, sure, i'll feel like i need to be doing something, but not really bored in the sense of "oh my god, i'm going to DIE if i don't find something to do." i can usually find something to read or to watch or to draw in order to occupy my time. except for today.

man, i'm BORED!

to compound things, i'm stuck at work. without my laptop. i've been here for two hours and i've already read three news papers and a bunch of blogs that i read on a daily basis. i'm literally twiddling my thumbs inbetween typing this. talk radio is boring me to tears and i just can't get into my book ("The W Effect : Bush's War on Women" by Laura Flanders). i read a good chunk of it at the doctor's office on thursday, but today, it's just boring.

what's worse is that i can't snap out of it. i don't know what's worse than being bored. it's like your mind is mushy and no matter what you try to think about, your brain says "no thanks. that's boring me."

maybe i'll go take a walk. fresh air might help me. let's hope.

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