Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ways to NYC

one of these days, phillip and i will take a trip to new york city. of course, it all boils down to two things; getting time off of work and saving up the money to pay for the trip. and in all honesty, i think getting the time off from work is more of a problem than saving money.

since we both do not drive, we would have to find a way to NYC. we've heard a lot about the Fung Wah bus that leaves from chinatown (boston) and drops you off at grand central station (NYC). a ticket to ride the fung wah is only $10. definitly in our budget, but i'm not sure how i'd fare on a cramped bus for 4+ hours.

another option is amtrak. the fastest of all the options, it's also the most expensive. for a round trip ticket from back bay station (boston) to penn station (NYC) we would pay $132.00. and that's on a week day. sure, it would be a smoother ride, no traffic, and not as stuffy, i'm not sure if we can pay $132.00 for a train ride. but it's an option.

and the last option i heard about this afternoon is limoliner. limoliner provides all the luxuries of flying first class, but of course, you don't get anywhere near a plane. for $69, you can ride in a pimped out bus, complete with leather seats, internet connection, free movies or live TV feed, and a meal is served to you half way into the ride. seriously, i think i'm going to try and convince phillip to go this route. we both hate stress and having to worry about transportation, crowds, etc. so limoliner seems like it would be our best bet.

i don't know when we'll be able to take our trip to NYC, but hopefully we it will be in the spring. i'm sure we will have decided by then which travel option we want to use. and if we haven't, well, i don't want to think about that... :)

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