Monday, January 24, 2005

What's Wrong with People?

for those of you who know me, you know that it takes a lot to get me mad. A LOT. today is different though. i don't know if it's because it's "that time of the month" or what, but i have zero tolerance for people today.

i've spent the majority of the day cleaning and packing. i made really good progress. all my clothes are packed, except what i need for the upcoming week. all the stuff in the livingroom is packed, except for the books since i'm donating them to the library. and the kitchen will be the last to pack, since i'm sharing everything with the other three men who live here.

in my packing/tossing/cleaning i've come across stuff that i don't want to sell but don't want to throw out either. one such thing is a scanner that's broken. i put the scanner (as well as the other stuff) up on the boston craig's list and it was snatched up right away. i wanted someone to come get it this afternoon, but the guy was nice enough and asked if he could come after one of his classes at 8pm. so i agreed.

the second thing i want to get rid of is a bag of mens t-shirts. they are all in great condition or even new. i just don't have the room for these anymore and i don't wear them. they were listed in the "free" section of craig's list. i swear, i got so many responses and ALL OF THEM were insane.

first of all, my ad says "unisex" t-shirts, since they really can be worn my a man or a woman. the second thing my ad said was "come get them today". the third thing was "these are new or slightly used." and lastly, the ad states "i am in allston. come get them."

here are some responses i got about the t-shirts. please note, i am not changing the spelling or format of these emails:

Linda writes:
    i will take them. if you could give me a few days to get over there. thanks linda

Kate writes:
    men's or women's?

John writes:
    r they womens or mens clothes

Tammy writes:
    where are you located i can look it up on map quest they are womans clothing right?

then Tammy writes again:
    any character shirts? i could come today or tommorrow.

i also have a heavy winter coat that i don't like and won't sell because the zipper is broken. this ad had all the same points as the t-shirt ad. even down to the "unisex" part.

Tracy wrote:
    If I can come by tomorrow, I will take.

i wrote her back and told her that no, she can't come tomorrow. i need to get rid of it today. she writes back:
    I leave work at 4:00pm. What about during the day tomorrow? What about the weekendif we can't get together by then? My boyfriend and I have a piece of land
    in VT and go up there all the time. Looking at your pictures the lining
    looks very warm and would be good for him. Can we try to work out

i write her back and say, again, NO YOU CAN'T COME TOMORROW. she continues:
    Maybe I can get over there tomorrow night. It would be after 6-7pm though.
    Would that be OK? I can mapquest your address and drive in.

i had to say YOU CANNOT HAVE THE COAT! i mean, really! i can't give my coat to some woman who can't read or follow instructions! sheesh!

and then i get this one from someone who wanted the scanner. i got this email before i was able to take the ad down:

Luciana writes:
    I sow you have a scanner thats nice.... My name is Luciana I live in brighton center.. I want this .. But I cant pick it up.. I break my foot... and the snow is terribel .. Anyway if I have some chance I will pick it up... OK??
    bye for now

i wanted to write YOUR ENGLISH IS TERRIBEL! but that would be rude. but taking my mood today, i was pretty close to doing that.

seriously, i don't understand people. when i'm actually selling something, people come over with their cash when i ask them to. but when i put stuff on craig's list for FREE, it's like only insane people and wackos email me. and then they never show up! ugh.

i think i'm just going to toss everything on the street and let the people in my neighborhood have a field day. yeah, i'm THAT sick of this.


Kitten said...

LMAO...where are you moving to???

Honey Bunny said...

hey Kitten-
i'm actually just moving 2 miles away. i live in allston right now and i'm moving to boston. not very far, but it's so difficult to move in a city. i've hired movers to do it for me because i hate it so much.

let's hope everything goes smoothly.