Thursday, February 24, 2005

CSI: Fatphobic

here's what the cbs website lists for the plot of today's show:
    The CSIs search for a murderer at a convention for plus-sized people.

i'm blogging this in real time because i'm so frustrated. i cannot get over how the FCC was so up-in-arms over seeing a nipple for a fraction of a second, but a show dedicated to making fun of and stereotyping larger women is ok. there has not been one positive thing said this whole episode thus far. no, wait, i take that back. one of the investigators said to a larger women "i guess you don't have to be big to have low self esteem." can you call that positive? i mean, what is that? hello! not all larger women have low self esteem. that's a stereotype that pisses me off. along with the mindset that larger women are lazy, bitchy, princesses that sit home all day watching trashy tv an eating junk food.

the opening scene at the convention was the worst. the slurs that were said were just nasty and typical of a fatphobic person. the writers of the show went far enough to have one character say "have tons-of fun" as he was leaving the other two investigators who were watching a synchronized swim team made up of big women. now, i have never seen this show before, so i couldn't even tell you if this is a normal thing for this show. but i'm really offended, as a larger woman, that CBS would broadcast a show that made women of size look like frumpy, sex-crazed freaks.

and one character just said "walk softly. you don't want to cause a stampede!". how fucking high school is that? if any adult male ever said that to me in passing, there would be hell to pay. and why is it that it's the woman investigator is the one to befriend the larger women while the men just sit back and laugh at her? why is it that the woman tries to sympathize with the women when the men just keep cracking jokes?

"it's not like i've had a lot of chances," is another gem that one of the women says when asked why she slept with a guy when she knew that he'd already been with two others previously. i don't know about you, but i know a lot of big girls that have to fight men off. they are definitely not waiting out for a date. that's another stereotype that pisses me off; bigger women can't get men. it's just too bad that many men are too juvenile to admit that they like bigger women. but that's their own hang-ups, not ours. so stop making it our problem!

i can't bear to watch the rest of this show. it's degrading and makes larger women look as bad as every stereotype you've heard about them. and that's not cool at all. it's bad enough that we have to deal with closed minded people on a daily basis. i don't have to see it on prime time TV. CBS, you suck.


Christine said...

You are so TOTALLY RIGHT ON!! Thank you for writing this!

By the way, I found your site via the Dooce comments section -- best wishes on your upcoming marriage. Your fella is a lucky man, and don't ever let him forget it. ;)

I keep an online journal too. I fully realize that you and I have differing opinions on some things, but we are also very similar in many ways. Reading your site today was like re-connecting with a good friend. You are always welcome to stop by and visit my place sometime if you like. (

Have a great weekend!

Honey Bunny said...

hi christine!
thanks so much for this comment. i was totally sickened by that episode last night. it made larger women out to be out-of-control sex freaks. and my finace (sounds so weird to say that now!) was pretty upset to. he said this morning "so the moral of the story was, don't have sex with a big girl and let her pass out on top of you or you'll die!" i laughed, but i think that's what the episode was trying to say. so bogus!

i will check out your blog as well. thanks so much for writing! hope to see you back here more often :)