Sunday, February 27, 2005

Metrosexual Madness

i saw the funniest thing today while walking to work.

three meterosexuals standing around a BMW, trying to figure out how to change the flat tire. none of them knew what the tire iron was for, and they were desperately trying to figure out how to use the jack. none of them bent down or touched the tire at all, they just turned the jack over and over in their hands, looking perplexed. instead of trying to solve the flat tire issue themselves, they flagged down another guy to do it for them.

sorry, but even I know how to change a tire. but i sure wasn't going to stop and help three meterosexuals in their early 30s. maybe if they were three women, but not men.

there's just something disturbing about seeing a group of men next to a $30K piece of machinery, yet they don't understand how it works at all. call me old fashioned, but i like my man to be able to do something as simple as change a tire.

1 comment:

fluffy said...

i would have done it for an outrageous fee. im amazed they didnt have AAA.