Saturday, February 05, 2005

I'm So Bruised

oh man.

my body hurts so bad.

on thursday, i fell down the stairs going to the basement to get my laundry. i slipped and my feet came out from under me. i fell, slamming the small of my back into the concrete steps. i tried to brace myself by reaching out to grab the railing, but missed and slammed my wrists into it instead. but while reaching out to grab the railing, i pulled the muscle under my right armpit. now i can't raise my harm over my head. and i don't know how this happened either, but the sides of my thighs are bruised as well. i know when i fell, i slid a little, so maybe that's what caused the bruises on the back/sides of my thighs. i don't know. all i know is that i'm so sore that it's hard to do much of anything. and i look like someone beat me up pretty good. ow.

and since lifting, bending, or carrying anything is a chore right now, lugging my laptop to work was a literal pain. i'm sick of the big, bulky briefcase that i keep my laptop in, so i'm searching for a backpack that can hold my laptop. i went to staples yesterday and didn't see any. i did some searching online and found this one that's pretty cool. although my laptop is thick and i think the 4" won't accomodate it. this one is nice, but i can't see spending that much money on a backpack that i will use once a week. i think i should just come to terms with the fact that my 'laptop' shouldn't be schlepped around. it should stay home where it belongs. unless anyone has any suggestions on a backpack that's 1) cheap and 2) can accomodate a laptop that's 17" or more.

i bought the do-it-yourself tax software at staples yesterday, too. i'm going to do our taxes today in the hopes that we can send it in on monday and get our refund FAST. i'm hoping that i get enough back to cover a month's rent. that way i'll be all set with my half of the rent for march AND april.

i better get crackin'.

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