Friday, March 11, 2005

New Couch

phillip and i have been looking for a new couch for weeks now. we finally found an awesome black leather one on craig's list for *wicked* cheap. and the guy delivered it to us! so today we said goodbye to the ugly old futon

and HELLO to the new, sexy couch!

we love it!


Anonymous said...

It does look like a nice sofa, but, like the speaker*, looks too big for the room. It seems very cramped.

*Why is it sitting on a crate? It looks like it would give good sound, in a hall, or some place bigger than your living room, but not on a plastic crate.

Honey Bunny said...

hi anonymous-
it IS a nice couch; very comfortable. and it's not to big for the room, since it's only a loveseat. we've re-arranged the room since this photo was taken and things fit better.
and as for the speakers, my fiance is a DJ. he takes the speakers and the decks with him when he spins at parties, etc. they are on crates because that's how he wants them. and i'm not quite sure how having speakers on a crate wouldn't allow them to "give good sound", so could you explain? i can give you my fiance's email if you want to discuss the asthetics of our apartment more (especially since the it's obvious the crates bother you a great deal) with him if you want. just let me know ok, mr anonymous?