Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What The Boobah?

when i was home sick on monday, i was flipping through the 200+ cable channels we have. i stopped on PBS where i finally saw boobah. i've been reading all about boobah on dooce's blog, as well as other parenting sites. as you know, phillip and i are childfree. no kids will be running around out house. but i'm always intrigued by the new fad for newborns/toddlers and why they are so popular.

boobah is similar to teletubbies, but for younger kids. it's just as bizarre as teletubbies, only a little more colorful. boobah's look like q-pie dolls stuck in a fur coat. they are colorful and smiley and downright creepy.

i was mesmerized by this show for a full 20 minutes before i snapped back to reality. i guess that's the purpose of the show. to plunk the kid down in front of the tube to keep it occupied for 30 minutes or more. i'm not saying that's bad, but that's what the show is there for. it's not educating the kids, since it's just a bunch of swirly colors and silly songs in a language only babies can understand. it doesn't teach numbers or colors or shapes. it's mostly just kids dancing around or the adults dressed in the boobah costumes dancing around. but it sucks you in and won't let you go till something in your brain snaps and says "i'm an adult! i'm too old for boobah!"

but seriously, if you get the chance, watch an episode of boobah on PBS. although i'd caution people who have had bad acid trips. you might want to avoid it.


Anonymous said...

I dunno. I plopped myself in front of the television and forced myself to sit through an episode of this acid trip gone horribly wrong, and I just don't get it. I felt half-tempted to shut the damn thing off. I guess I'm more for the education of children, and this is definitely not educating anyone to do anything but run around and make fart noises and get wigged out on trippy color swirls. This isn't a kid's show, it's an acid trip full of flatulence humor. I seriously do not know what children see in this program, but I guess I'm being too old fashioned. Back in our day, we actually had something called "Educational Programming", and I would think that would be applied to this day and age.

Honey Bunny said...

i agree. it's just swirly colors and noises that infants can't understand anyway.

where is seasame street when you need it?