Tuesday, March 08, 2005

New Schedule

things are going ok at work. i just had a meeting with my boss and he changed my schedule. for a brief moment i was a little upset, because i'm used to working on the weekends by myself in the office. but then i thought about it and how phillip and i don't get to have fun on the weekends anymore. so i'm glad to say that i will enjoy my new schedule. it's too bad that it doesn't go into effect until the 20th, but that's ok. so instead of having thursdays and fridays off, i will have sundays and mondays off. and i'll still have a day alone in the office. not bad. and phillip and i will be able to stay out as late as we want on saturdays without me having to worry about getting up early on sunday for work.

why the change? because my boss realizes that there's just no need for weekend coverage here. i will keep the saturday as a just-in-case someone needs assistance day. but the sunday will be gone. the only real downside is that i won't get the time and a half pay. and that's a bummer.

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