Friday, March 25, 2005

The (US) Office

did anyone watch the office on NBC last night? i taped it and watched it when p got home from work.

i didn't like it. at all.

steve carell is normally a funny guy. he had me busting up in the anchorman. but he just can't play david brent. and the dawn character comes off as clinically depressed instead of bored with her job. the tim character is your boring, average corporate guy with scruffy hair. and don't even get me started on the gareth character.

the original series made use of uncomfortable silences. in the US version, there isn't any of that. i wonder why? is it because american viewers can't handle it? do we need to having something happening on screen at every moment because we have such short attention spans? without the silence, the transitions do not work. we're supposed to see/feel how the other characters react to their boss's sad attempts to be their friend. without that silence, it doesn't work.

i just didn't find it funny. the only part that was funny was the stapler-in-the-jello, but we knew that was coming.

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