Thursday, April 14, 2005

Damn You Comcast

comcast sucks.

our billing cycle ended on the 9th. today is the 14th. we've had about 5 hours of service in the past 4 days. and comcast doesn't seem to care. i mean, why should they? they have monopolized the cable tv/high speed internet market all over the country. who is their competition in boston? RCN? sure, but they don't service all of the city. plus, i had RCN when i lived in brighton and the internet connection was so slow i may as well have been using dialup. verizon? um, no thanks. verizon hasn't made it's way into the world of broadband (yeah, i know. why would they since they are a phone company?) and DSL sucks majorly. plus, we already have enough bills to pay, why have seperate cable AND internet services?

so someone needs to start up a new cable/broadband company that will compete with comcast. i mean, in a city where nearly everyone has cable and internet (or both) there should be more of a choice. if i had any sort of business sense, i'd do it. but i don't. so i'll just bitch and moan about comcast until there's a better choice. hopefully that day will come sooner than later.


blkrose2004 said...

Why do you say dsl sucks? ;) 2 main reasons its better then cable is 1. its faster (in most cases) and 2. its more secure.

Honey Bunny said...

hey mike-
in my experience, DSL was much slower than cable. and i pay for firewalls, privacy protection, anti spam and popup blockers as well as virus software, so i feel pretty secure using cable :)