Wednesday, April 13, 2005


oh no.

my boss's son is adorable.

i never get those 'we should have a little phillip' thoughts unless i see my boss's son. he just turned two years old and he can already form sentences. the kid is so smart. he came in, pointed to the ceiling and said "that light bulb is burned out." my jaw just dropped. and then when his dad said "why is it burned out?", the kid said "because of fimamnt (filament)."

i said "van, you need to call MIT and ask for early, EARLY enrollment for him!"

what a smart little guy. and so adorable, too. and his parents are awesome as well.

but i am glad that the 'we should have a little phillip' feeling subsides after the little one leaves the office. kids are great if they belong to someone else.

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