Thursday, April 07, 2005

Second Review

the Boston Phoenix printed their review of Blinders today. it's a good review, even though it doesn't mention my handiwork. that's ok. you can read about it in the theater section of today's Phoenix.

in the Boston globe today, there's a picture of Jimmy Fallon with Maureen Keiller, who plays a bunch of characters in Blinders. i love her character "senator caldwell" in the play. she's great. and i'm sooooooooo jealous of her being that close to Jimmy Fallon. now i can't wait to see her performance in Fever Pitch.

i didn't see a review of the play in the globe, but karen is in the cafe right now looking though the actual paper for one. lets hope if they printed it, it's a positive one. so far, everyone has loved it! so if you have nothing to do tonight, tomorrow, and the weekend, you should go see it. next week is filling up fast, so you might not get a ticket.

today is a really good day.


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