Friday, April 22, 2005

The Simple Life Dilemma

i don't watch that horrible show "the simple life". p made me watch it once, but for the purpose of laughing at paris hilton and nichole ritchie. also to count how many times paris said "that's hot." anyway, i think it's a horrible show and i can't understand why it's on the air.

so i guess paris and nichole broke up. the spoiled brats hate each other. oh, boo hoo! cry me a frickin' river. anyway, the network/producers are trying to find someone to be paris' other half so the show can continue. i've read that they were thinking about lindsay lohan or one of the olsen twins. but in my opinion, there's only one person that would fit the bill:

tara reid.

yeah, tara would be perfect. why? because you have to get someone just as vacant, spoiled, and dispicable as paris. the olsen twins? come on! they might be millionairessesess, but they aren't vapid like paris. lindsay lohan? sorry, her boobs are too real for the part. plus, she seems a lot smarter than paris, so that's not going to work. so, yeah...the only obvious choice is the part-retarded tara reid.

this picture proves they are already bestest friends!

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k-doh said...

I still say that the next Simple Life should be Paris and what ever other featherheaded blond she knows in the Ghetto rasing a family of 6 kids. Perhaps one crak baby in the fold as well. No stylists no wardrobe, they have to wear Wal-Mart clothes and drink Kool-Aid and eat Velveeta. No cell phones no movie deals or interviews.... No skin treatments they have to wash thier hiar with suave and deal with thier extention buck shot because she has to decide wather to get her hair did or pay the electric bill. SHe's gotta sleep on a crappy rent a center bed and figure out how to get her kid to school without a car when he misses the Head Start van.