Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What A Great Night!

i've got three words for you:

Kung Fu Hustle.

p and i had an awesome night last night. we rode our bikes to the movie theater, which was so much fun. we need to go on bike rides together more often. we saw Kung Fu Hustle, which totally rocked my world. if you haven't seen it yet, i don't know what you're waiting for. it was so funny and the special effects were insane. p wasn't as enthusiastic about it as i was, but i forgive him. i'm definitely going to buy this movie on DVD so i can see it again and again. it was awesome.

after the movie, we had dinner at the longhorn. p and i always split the chicken fingers and salad. i was agitated because i was starving and the waitress we had was spending all her time at a table full of meat heads instead of taking our order. she was flirting with these guys so bad that it was pretty nauseating. anyway, when our dinner finally arrived, our "dinner" looked like the remains of what was left in the fry-o-lator. it got me mad so i didn't leave her a very nice tip. too bad. she should have paid more attention to us than the jocks at the table next to us. as we were riding home, p said "you would never make it as a waitress." and i said "i know. i hate people."

when we got home we watched the amazing race. i was so glad that romber came in third. he tried to pull a fast one on gretchen and meredith and it backfired. hahahaha! that's what you get for being so slimy, rob. now i don't know what team i want to be eliminated next week. gretchen's voice is getting on my nerves, rob is a slimeball, and ron and kelly are so full of hate for each other that they should just quit and go their seperate ways. uchenna and joyce are cool though. hopefully they will win it all. just as long as romber don't.

now i'm here at work with another headache. but it's not as bad as yesterday, which is good. i can't wait to get out of here, go home, ride my bike for a bit, and then chill out. i'm pissed that i'm here at work and will miss the sox game. maybe it'll get rained out.


k-doh said...

When I get bad service I make sure they know when I leave a carppy tip. As a person of color I don't want people to think that people of color are cheap and bad tippers.

I actually love to write "I'm not a bad tipper, your service just sucked."

Honey Bunny said...

HA! that's a totally awesome idea! i should do that next time. because i DO tip well.

on the way home, phillip said that she probably spent so much time at the guy's table because she assumed she would get a big tip.

i really hope they left her a buck and that's it.