Wednesday, April 27, 2005

DD Commercial

the new dunkin donuts commercial with johnny damon is hysterical. i can't find it to download on the web, though. every time i see it, i bust up laughing.

if anyone knows where i can d/l it, please leave the link.


halloweenlover said...

I also busted up laughing and now everytime I see him on tv I am soooo looking for wig marks : )

Maybe it is only funny if you are a Bostonian (or your significant other is totally obsessed with the Red Sox, like me).

Congrats on the engagement! When are you getting married?

Honey Bunny said...

hahah! that's funny. i don't look for wig marks, but i keep picturing him at the Hall of Fame when he's in his 70's. he will probably look just like that!

actually, my fiance isn't a baseball fan. it's ME who is obsessed with the Sox. we live right next to the park, which is awesome :)

we're getting married on Oct 15th. we can't wait!

thanks for writing!

k-doh said...

Try to go to I can't remember if you have to be a subscriber. If I can get it froma director site I'll email you!