Monday, May 02, 2005

Have You Ever Seen Something This Cool?

these are edible bouquets by edible arrangements. i would totally send one of these to our moms for Mother's Day, but 1) they are a bit expensive and 2) i'd be so afraid of them rotting or getting squished on the way to NY and WI.

actually, looking at the places where they deliver, wisconsin isn't even on the list. that's not cool at all

if i were looking to own a franchise, i think i'd choose this company. i think their product is really neat and i bet a lot of people would buy these if there were more locations in the US.

maybe i can sweet talk phillip into getting one of these for our wedding. i think it would look awesome on the dessert table ;)


halloweenlover said...

Once I got a cookie bouquet and that was sooo cool! It looked just like roses, but instead a yummy assortment of cookies. And since I am a cookie addict, I did love it!

Honey Bunny said...

my sister made cookie bouquets for a while. she also made these elaborate cookie baskets, too. she made a boatload of cash selling them to teachers and parents at the local schools where she lives.